• CleanPro First-Class Cabin Purification

    Micron-level purification


    Longest NEDC Range (EX5-Z)

    From ¥149,800

    Post-subsidy Starting Price

    Weltmeister EX5-Z

    Post-subsidy Starting Price: ¥149,800

    Weltmeister EX5-Z

    Long Range

    Know that you’ll get there


    5-Star Safety

    High-strength protective shell



    ‘Touchless’ technology


    Smart Design

    Have the best look


    Comfort and Entertainment

    A first-class cabin experience


    Product Highlights

    Long-range add

    520km NEDC Range

    High density cells with stable battery life
    Efficient battery management system

    315N.m of torque, near-instant response time

    Lifetime Endurance

    Battery efficiency retention rate approximately 95% after 160,000 kilometers driven

    Regenerative Braking

    Efficient kinetic energy recovery
    Results in approximately 4% increase in battery range

    Comfort and Entertainment


    Peace of Mind

    Peace of Mind add

    Impact Resistant Battery Pack

    Four layers of protection
    Prevents cell damage and intrusion in the event of an accident

    Data-Driven Safety Systems

    Real-time active monitoring of key components
    Automatic driver alert functions

    5-Star C-NCAP Safety

    75.2% of the body frame uses ultra-high strength steel


    Peace of Mind

    Touchless Features

    Touchless Features add

    CleanPro First-Class Cabin Purification

    Micron-level purification, with 95% filtration rate of even the smallest PM0.3 (≥0.3 μm) fine particulates
    Combines a CN95 certified filter and UVC ultraviolet sterilizer for multiple layers of protection

    Automatic Parking System

    Fully autonomous reverse parking
    Deploys 12 radars to seamlessly navigate tight spaces

    Vehicle-to-Home Smart Connectivity

    Connectivity to 20+ Xiaomi Mijia smart home appliances
    Links with Xiaomi’s popular ‘Xiaoai’ home assistant

    Immersive Audio-Visual Entertainment

    12.8-inch rotating touchscreen display
    Connected to China’s biggest technology giants; Baidu, Tencent and Xiaomi
    Super ID facial recognition syncs the driver’s personal online accounts to the vehicle
    Unlimited 4G streaming

    ‘Xiaowei’ On-Board AI Assistant

    Everything from music, podcasting, navigation, air conditioning to the windows and sunroof, all controlled in one sentence

    Living Pilot Advanced Driver Assistance

    Built-in ‘always-on’ safety systems
    An array of 20 sensors, made up of camera and radar systems, actively monitor the road and take active safety measures to avoid incidents
    Automatic Emergency Braking, Intelligent Cruise Assist and Traffic Jam Assist functions enable super-human control and response times

    Automatic Retractable Door Handles

    Present to the driver automatically on approach
    Remote Bluetooth control

    Living Logo

    Unique, perfectly integrated illuminating vehicle badge
    Indicates locking/unlocking and battery state of charge

    Hands-Free Electronic Tailgate

    Kick-activated, convenient trunk access

    Smart Locking/Unlocking

    Worry-free automatic locking system

    Bluetooth Phone Key

    Allow remote access to friends and family from anywhere, all through the WM app

    Peace of Mind

    Touchless Features

    Smart Design

    Smart Design add

    Head-turning Design

    Well-balanced, aerodynamic front face

    Full-LED Headlights

    Perfectly integrated, drag-resistant design

    Geometric LED Running Lights

    Integrated Taillight

    Touchless Features

    Smart Design

    Comfort and Entertainment

    Comfort and Entertainment add

    12.8-inch Rotating Touchscreen Display

    Immersive audiovisual experience

    12.3-inch Interactive Dashboard Display

    ‘Weshow’ customised themes to suit your style

    Panoramic Sunroof

    Electronic voice control through ‘Xiaowei’, WM’s on-board AI Assistant

    Super Spacious

    A wide 2703mm wheelbase supports a spacious interior and plenty of room for storage

    Premium Nappa Leather

    Specialised leather interior
    Heated seating with lumbar support

    Smart Design

    Comfort and Entertainment


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